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The handcrafts group meets 1 to 2 times a week from September until December. We primarily sew, but there are also some knitted/crocheted items as well. We make things such as bags in different sizes and shapes, aprons, oven mittens, pillowcases, iPhone/iPad holders and socks.

When we make these items it is a bit like a factory line. Some ladies are cutting, others overlooking, needling, sewing, cutting treads, turning the items right, hand sewing and ironing. So there is a lot of different tasks and many of them don’t require any previous sewing skills. I will of course guide you and teach those who are interested to learn more.

The meetings starts at 10:00am with some coffee and information on the plan for that day. Together we make sure everyone knows what they can do. We have a lunch break around 12:00pm. The lunch is a putlock (we all bring a dish to share with the group). I will provide coffee, tea and water. We normally wrap-up and clean up at around 2:00pm.

Even if we are working hard and learning new things we do have time to talk and have fun. For more information please contact Eva on handycraft.iwcr@gmail.com

Upcoming dates:
September 10th
– September 12th
– September 19th
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