Greetings from the new Board

May 25, 2020By

June Greetings

Dear members,

Last week, we met for our first virtual AGM meeting. It was so good to see so many of you. For sure, it is not the same to interact virtually as in person. 

Especially in times like these, we all miss social interactions, we miss friends and family, and we miss to be surrounded by others. Every individual experiences social distancing differently.

But we all are social creatures with all these built-in human needs and desires, who like to connect with each other.

With energy into the future

It is important to work in the present and look into the future with energy, mental strength, and trust. It is about us all to develop our world, to find new patterns for our lives, and to form the post-pandemic world. 

It is important to take care of yourself, but also of the ones around you.

Therefore, we would like to offer you different opportunities for socialising.
But please understand these as options. We fully understand and respect the different feelings and thoughts about the ease of restrictions, and returning to what we used to call „normal“.

  • May 25th, Charity committee meeting (virtually)
  • May 26th, Bible Study Group
  • May 27th, Russian Conversation Group ​​
  • May 28th, German Conversation Group (virtually)
  • May 29th, Play Golf for Fun (outdoor)
  • June 1st, Board meeting  (virtually)
  • June 3rd, Outdoor Meet & Greet in Bastejkalna Parks
  • June 4th, Charity collection to collect items for the charities we support
  • June 18th, Picnic in the park
  • June 5th, Art and Story Telling 

Charity Work

For the charity work of our club we are looking for your support. We look for members who can dedicate part of their time to either be in contact with the charities we support, or to coordinate charity activities, or to go for shopping with some of the organizations. 

We are very happy to share with you that our lovely member Kristine Daina will take over the role as Charity Coordinator. Please join our virtual charity committee meeting this coming Monday, May 25th, at 16:00. Contact

We, the new board is very grateful for your trust.

We would like to inspire, make a difference and make our members happy. Most of all we feel committed to help those in need of our help – our charity projects. 

See you soon again in one or another way.

Your new Board

  • Kerstin Steinberg – President
  • Olga Druzhinina – Vice President
  • Laura Kostomarova- Treasurer
  • Ilze Inapsa – Secretary
  • Sophie Griffiths – Membership Coordinator
  • Vija Pugule – Social Tours, Advisory Board 
  • Inna Kotlikova – Lunch Coordinator, Advisory Board 
  • Elena Tezhe – Communications / Newsletter, Advisory Board
  • Kristine Dalina – Charity Coordinator

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