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Dear members,

we are very happy seeing so many of our members at out events, and meet and greets, but also new ladies, who just moved to Latvia.

Last Meet and Greet we opened with introducing each other to the group, and I realised we had minimum 10 different nationalities present on that day, and together we all look back to minimum 40 different countries we lived in before.

The energy of the club thrives from the diversity and involvement of our members. We invite all members to our Intercultural Workshop on Sep 17th. Together, we want to understand the culture, values and ethos of Latvia. We are extremely grateful to offer this introduction, held by the professional consultant Iveta Berkolde.

We look forward many events together with you, and the time we spend together.

Please invite your female friends, mothers of newly new arrived families, and women in your circle of friends, who value the multi-cultural fusion of our community to join IWCR.

Do it now and not later

It is important to take care of yourself, but also of the ones around you. We have a lot of plans for August and September. Please find an overview of our upcoming events here:

Board Topics

Here an update on the current topics:

  • Charity Committee Activities, Visits and Next Committee meeting,
  • Fund Raising event with photographer Emilie Bots for MARTA,
  • Charity Bazaar – meeting various vendors and comparing different options,
  • Bazaar – Reviewing technical options to offer an online auction this year,
  • Bazaar Input Collection – Survey to the embassies and members to collect feedback,
  • Social Activities (se above),
  • Newcomer Workshop about Latvian Culture will be organised and held by Iveta Berkolde,
  • Newcomer Coffee Meeting in October, November and January planned,
  • Plan next Charity Collection in Autumn.

If you like to share any input, information, or you have expertise in one of the areas, please contact us. We are happy for any input and support. Contact

Stay in touch, and let us enjoy time together.


President IWCR

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