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Have you thought of reducing the use of plastic in your kitchen? The IWCR members have been crafting beeswax wraps for you. Get your own wraps at the IWCR Charity Bazaar, on November 24th.

Beeswax paper wraps are reusable. Once you use it, just wash it with gentle soap and cool water (hot water can melt it), then let it air-dry to use it again.

Handmade by IWCR – beeswax wraps for you

Below we show you how to make beeswax food wraps yourself, that will minimize the amount of clingy film or ziplock bags that you use to store food! Lovely Laure showed the craft group how to make wax wraps, and Sassa prepared the article to explain how it works.

Make sure you protect your ironing board with thick fabric as you don’t want beeswax to seep into your board and ruin it!

You choose a thin washed cotton fabric and cut it to the size you want. It’s preferred to cut the edges with zigzag scissors, as hemming makes the cloth clumsy to handle. You do this to avoid unravelling of the fabric.

You also need beeswax, which can be bought in sheets or in pellets.

ln the picture to the right, you get an idea of the amount of wax you need for a piece of fabric the size Laure used by looking at what’s missing from the larger sheet.

Now you space out small pieces of beeswax on the fabric like in the picture. Cover the entire area. 

Cut a sheet of baking paper that is a good size. The important things to keep in mind is that it is easier if it covers the fabric, and that the paper also should prevent the iron from getting wax on it. Put it over the fabric with the wax, and start ironing.

You want to do this without the steam function activated.

Move the iron around in a slow steady motion in order to help spread the wax that will start to melt.

You will be able to see through the baking paper when all the wax has melted. If there are any spots that are lacking wax, you can easily add a little piece.

When you are done, remove the baking paper and let the fabric cool for a few seconds. Now you can lift it up, and it should be all stiff. You can move on to make your next cloth, if you want several.

The wraps are washable and can be used “forever” – whenever you notice that the wax is starting to wear off, you just renew the procedure, and you’re good to go again!

Photos & text: Sassa Hiatt – Thank you Sassa!

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