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April 30, 2020By

We asked some of our members how they experience the current time, staying at home. Olga shared with us her thoughts, and we like her positive view into the future.

I see faces of my friends behind the news.

Every day I begin my morning with a cup of coffee and the online “checking” on my relatives and friends. As soon as I see someone posted pictures or wrote a comment, I feel a relief: she or he is fine…

When I read the news and the names of the countries or places, I see faces of my friends behind these news. It not about Italy, China, or Spain.

It is about Jessika, Daniel, and Liliana…it is not the abstract places or cities but real people, whom I love and care about.  

We live through a unique situation. Never before, we experienced the pandemic as a “live show”. Due to the internet, mobility and globalization, we are able to get all the news from different parts of the world in minutes. 

Is it possible to learn something positive from our situation?

We all hope that after the quarantine we will be able to “get to normal”. However, a question arise: What will be normal after this crisis? What kind of things may help us to adjust to the new reality? This is the time when we can reflect on the past thinking about the future. 

This time of social distancing made me appreciate what we have in communities like the IWCR: lunches, activities, discussions, friendships.

This may look artificial on a surface, because many of us live in a foreign country and have to communicate using 2-3 languages, or because we are from different generations with different experiences.

We need each other

However, this fellowship has genuine nature and very deep roots, which makes us a very special society. We have the whole world in miniature where women from different cultures and with different background learning how to live together and enjoy life together.  

What I noticed made me to think. During this crisis as humans, we began to realise how fragile we are, how easy the world, which we knew just a few weeks ago, can changed.

This situation revealed to us a very simple fact — we need each other! We all are a huge family, which lives on this planet.

Despite our differences, we should take care about each other, and support people around us who need our help.  

says Dr. Olga Druzhinina

“I hope….

this pandemic will be over soon enough and we will be able to celebrate our unity, our ability to understand each other, the opportunity to be the international women who represent the whole world and can make the difference in this world. 

We like to socialise

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