Every painting has to find it’s own forever home

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This year, we have something wonderful and new for you.

Alises Rozes Dizaina Studija generously donates wonderful works created at the studio. Visit the Art Exhibition Auction, choose the painting you like most and bid on it. This week we met with Anna Pantejeva, who is painting teacher at Alises Rozes Dizaina Studija, to talk with her about the Charity Bazaar and their motivation to support us.

IWCR: Why do you give to our organization? What motivates you to stay involved?

Anna Pantejeva: It is a great opportunity to help people in need an also to find new homes for our students artworks, because every painting has to find it’s own forever home to motivate the artist to create more.

Art should help people in every possible way, for artist it could be overcoming some personal issues or expressing strong feelings, for viewer it usually offers visual pleasure or complements interior, in this case art has even more value, it brings in third party – someone who receives a donation.

In my opinion, this kind of art is worth more than that in fancy galleries.

IWCR: What are your donations to, or activities at, the bazaar?

Anna Pantejeva: We offer a variety of paintings and drawings made by Alises Rozes Design studio students and one teacher. Artworks come in different sizes and techniques, so there is something for every taste and interior.

IWCR: What would you like to pass on to future generations?

Anna Pantejeva: As the art and design studio we try to maintain the interest in art, but most important – the interest in learning something new and exciting, and discovering new abilities at all ages. We hope to pass it not only to future generations, but also to this one, because sometimes it seems our generation is working too much and starts to loose the interest in self-growth. 

IWCR: Do you have a message to share?

Anna Pantejeva: To be an artist means to be able to see the same things everyone else sees, but a bit differently. You don’t even have to make or prove something, just look closer, think longer, learn from what you experience and eventually you’ll become both the artist and the artwork. 

Some Highlights

“Bird Dance”

by Olga Madaja

40×40 cm, 2019, oil and gold leaf on canvas.

Painting “Bird dance” is kind of a love dance. I painted it in spring, when nature was awakening, hibernation ended and the world was open again for the new life and adventures. With the gold leaf I wanted to achieve a contrast – winter is not completely gone yet, but the spring is already there and prevails over cold colors. I hope that someone will fall for this artwork.

Few words about Olga: I’m 33 years old, and still trying to find my path, although I have a wonderful family and a job I like. I work in the healthcare, so I am in contact with people all the time. It is a joy and a pleasure to be able to help others, but at the same time it wears off emotionally and physically.

For me painting is a therapy and meditation in some way, the form of isolation in order to enjoy the moment here and now, and also to manifest good emotions as well as the bad ones. And it really works! It is not even necessary to draw or paint well, what’s important is to express your feelings.

The inspiration is everywhere – in your surroundings, the nature, scents reminding of beautiful moments, overheard melody, connections with people, sharing ideas. Everyone has their own source of inspiration. For me it’s delicious food, good music, nice weather.

Endless inspiration comes from both of my daughters and my husband, their thoughts and perceptions of the world. Moreover I’m often inspired by my friends, people around me, unexpected emotions and gratitude towards me. Wonders and beauty are everywhere, you just have to learn to see them.

In painting, my favorite topics are animals and children’ world. Observing their way of communication, playing and interaction with each other is always interesting. These emotions are completely unwinding, true and natural.

I want to thank everyone who cares about art, because without it we would live in a harsh and emotionally poor world.

“Winter sunrise in yellow”

by Leonīds Kvaskovs

Leonid is our oldest (age wise) student, he is 72 and a few years ago has resumed painting. Leonid works with acrylics mostly because they dry fast, he often even uses a hair drier to speed up a process, as he uses a thin glazes of pure, barely mixed color, so even if he takes some other painting as a reference, the result is always so much different!


by Marija Samoilenko

Maria donated almost all of her works, but this one is special, because it turned out even better than reference picture of the bumblebee Maria picked for the assignment. She is a perfectionist, so I had to stay close to remind her not to overwork that transparent wing. I think she did a great job on this one.

“Studio in March”

by Elīza Ozola

Eliza is not afraid of any challenge and it pays of! This one has everything – 3 plaster casts that are basically 3 independent portraits, a mirror that shows something else every time you move, painting on the wall that has to look like painting, but at the same time shouldn’t be too “telling” and complementary colors on the wall that reflect themselves on plaster. And yet it doesn’t look that complicated when done by Eliza, and that is something!

“Still life”

by Alise Gaile

Alise always tends to mix precise color for her work, and that is why she usually paints using a reference picture, comparing colors all the time. But this assignment was quite the opposite – the still life was placed on the shelf and there were no way to tell if mixed color was right, so it was quite the challenge for Alise. And sometimes all you need is to get out of the comfort zone and voila!


by Inga Ivanova

Inga is former student of ours and from the day one (and that is not even an overstatement) she painted big! And always flowers, great, soft, pink and so feminine! I guess she new from the very beginning the recipe of a good art – find your theme, work big, work hard and be confident.

Impressions from Alises Rozes Dizaina Studija

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