English Storytime Sessions

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We are pleased to offer our members and their children a new online activity! As an IWCR member you and your children are invited to attend a live and interactive English Storytime session every Sunday. Storytime is a fun programme delivered by two of our members and their British company – The Phonics School Ltd.

These storytelling events are offered every Sunday at the following times :

For 4 to 7 year olds

12noon Latvia time (20 mins)
4pm Latvia time (20 mins)

For 8 to 11 year olds

12.30am Latvia time (30 mins)
4.30pm Latvia time (30 mins)

Every Sunday, you will hear a selection of popular children’s books, including some British classics, read by British Shakespearean Actor, BBC Story-Teller, theatrical director and performer Rosanna Lowe. Storytime is live and interactive so be prepared to join in!

The Phonics School is pleased to offer these sessions for FREE to IWCR members for as long as the state of emergency in Latvia continues. 

To reserve your place, please click on the below link and complete the short form. Please put ‘IWCR’ in the comments section to qualify for FREE sessions.

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