Cooking @ Hope for Children in Bolderaja

November 28, 2013By

Wednesday 27th of November we organized Cooking Class together with children in Bolderaja.
Teacher Liene told they enjoyed it so much, that after we left kids were still “under shock”. They did not believed they had such a nice lunch with “real meat” (usually they get sausages or some not really good meat from local supermarket).
And decoration of cupcakes was so great idea, and they brought some to their homes and were very happy.

If you would like to go there or do some other activities (crafts,…) with them, anytime, send an e-mail to

Some impessions:

20131127_Bolderaja_3 20131127_Bolderaja_5 20131127_Bolderaja_4
20131127_Bolderaja_1 20131127_Bolderaja_2

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