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Make it an event to remember.

Laugh, make funny faces, pose and enjoy yourself more than ever. Take away the best, most fun memories from the Charity Bazaar 2019. These great moments are captured on picture for you to enjoy forever, generously provided by BEREC Europa.

Smile and feel the joy

Last week, we had the pleasure to meet with László Ignéczi, Director of the Agency for Support for BEREC.

The only EU agency in Latvia – BEREC Office – is looking forward to meeting you at the photo corner  to #connect with your smiles.

IWCR: Why do you give to our organization? What motivates you to stay involved?

László Ignéczi: The EU Agency for Support for BEREC is part of the rather small, but big in their hearts, international organizations community residing here in Latvia.

Our daily work is to bring the benefit to all people in the European Union, when it comes to the electronic communications. The participation in the Christmas bazaar organized by the International Women Club in Riga will give us an additional opportunity to serve for the good cause. 

IWCR: What are your donations to, or activities at, the bazaar?

László Ignéczi: Smiles connect people. Every day, among the other tasks, we also support the regulators in the EU member states to ensure that connectivity in the EU is harmonized and accessible to all. 

We will invite people to donate in order other can smile and feel the joy. The BEREC Office will give a chance against the donation to those in need to take a photo and have fun at our attractive photo corner next to the entrance. We will print the photos on the spot.

Moreover, we will provide the opportunity that photos become digital greetings to be sent to friends, relatives and other Christmas bazaar participants. 

IWCR: What would you like to pass on to future generations?

László Ignéczi: Here I would like to quote the Latvian poet Rainis “You may gain by giving. You may gain by taking. But what you gain by giving will never be taken away”. 

IWCR: Do you have an anecdote about the bazaar/organization that really moved you?

László Ignéczi: We will participate in the Christmas bazaar for the first time and we are sure, that next year we will have plenty of stories to tell. For the time being only the idea  of participating in this event alone let our colleagues show their creativity at the brainstorming on the items we would like to sell for charity. 

IWCR: Do you have a message to share?

László Ignéczi: In a very concise form – Dare, Care and Share! 

Come, shop and enjoy the festive atmosphere at the Charity Bazaar in Riga, on November 24th.

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