Close to Latvian culture & traditions in the Central Market

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Fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, flowers, knitted items, milk, cheese, bread and many more farmed goods and household items. You can get everything in Europe’s largest market.

And guess where it is located? Correct, right here in Riga, Latvia at Rīgas Centrāltirgus.

IWCR Social Tour in April to Riga’s Central market

On April 10 members of the International Women’s Club Riga met next to Riga Central Railway Station, at Rīgas Centrāltirgus, a distinct architectural sight with its five hangar pavilions.

Finding your tour mates on a 72,300 sqm (778,000 sq ft) wide stretch with more than 3,000 trade stands can be a challenge.  But it is not impossible and we gathered everyone together and started our exciting tour through this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

A look behind the scenes  

Aleksandrs Sunins guided us through the hidden and unknown parts of the market.  We had an opportunity to look behind the scene of the marketplace, which was build from 1924 to 1930 after the Riga City Council decided in 1922 the former “Daugavmala Market” needed to be replaced due to hygienic and economic requirements.

We followed the paths through the pavilions, which were originally used as military airship hangars in Leipaja before they were moved to Riga and transformed into market venues.

Interesting take away: the size of the hangers is not the original size, to make today’s central market the original hangers were cut into pieces.

Get close to Latvian culture
It is not only one of the largest marketplaces, even in 1930, but also welcomes an impressive number of visitors every day: 80,000-100,000 people on average.

Locals and visitors enjoy the variety of unique local products – from honey in the honeycombs, hemp butter, sandthorn syrup, or fried lampreys and rye bread, sauerkraut in autumn & winter, and Kvass during summer.

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