Our Sponsors 2019

Our annual Christmas Charity Bazaar is sponsored by many companies, embassies and diplomatic missions. The IWCR is very thankful for the extensive support we receive.

Many thanks to Radisson Blu Hotel Latvija for hosting the event!

Companies, Donors & Sponsors

Corporate sponsors and donors, are key in the effort to make the Charity Bazaar a success. With this help, we can continue our commitment to support deserving Latvian charities.

Embassies, Communities, Diplomatic Missions

The IWCR Charity bazaar is a popular event as unique items from different national tables and charity vendors are available for sale. Every year around 40 countries participate.

The Embassies stationed in Riga are very important partners to the IWCR Charity Bazaar. Every year the Embassies and other international partners showcase fantastic goods, food, drink and specialities from their home countries.


Take a tour through out last year’s bazaar. It was a fabulous event with many visitors discovering gifts, hand-made souvenirs, toys and traditional presents from more than 31 countries. Discover the highlights from the IWCR Bazaar 2018 – and get excited for our end-year Charity Bazaar in December 2019.