Chinese Tea Ceremony on the 28th September

September 23, 2016By
tea-ceremony-invitation-1Dear Ladies,
Chinese culture group kindly invite you to attend a Chinese tea ceremony on 28th September in the beautiful Shan Tea store. The owner of the store who is also a Chinese tea expert would take one and half hour to teach us how to serve a cup of tea in a traditional & professional way and how to have it much simpler in our daily life. Each attendance would have the chance to practice serving a cup of tea for your friend and yourself. And, since the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival is just over in the middle of September not far away, we are lucky to have a chance to taste the fresh homemade Mooncake as the picture below which would be baked for our tea ceremony specifically.
When: next Wednesday, 28th September, 11.00am -12.30
Where: Shan Tea, 10 Antonijas iela
Price: We will share the ingredients average.

Please reply the email to to sign up.

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