Application for Support 2020

Pieteikums atbalsta saņemšanai 2020

The IWCR members seek to raise funds to provide support and financial assistance for charities carefully selected each year. Our primary focus is on helping families, young mothers, the elderly and the abused both in Riga and the Latvian countryside. 

The IWCR organizes the Charity Bazaar every year based on the values of charity, community, joy and uniting the many nations in Latvia. The annual event is our main events, and all proceeds raised at this event go to Latvian charities carefully selected by the IWCR. 

By working closely with the management and listening to the staff of the different organisations, we aim to provide time, specific items or products which make a real difference to people’s day-to-day lives. After our this years Bazaar, which will take place on November 24th, we will review all applications for 2020 and decide on the allocation of the raised money.

Please fill in the application:

Application 2020

Please provide us the details for your planned project, and send us the application until November 30th, 2019.

After, we will review the applications, and also review the fund we were able to raise at the Bazaar.

Please send the application to

Online Application