About Our Charity Work


Charity Bazaar is our biggest Charity Event

The IWCR and its members seek to raise funds to provide support and financial assistance for charities carefully selected each year. Our primary focus is on helping families, young mothers, the elderly and the abused both in Riga and the Latvian countryside. By working closely with and listening to the staff and management of these organisations, we aim to provide specific items or products which make a real difference to people’s day-to-day lives. The IWCR’s main fundraising activity is the Christmas Bazaar. In addition, we offer our volunteer work very often throughout the year, directly to our charities. All our activities are announced to IWCR members.

How Can You Help

  • By being the IWCR member you contribute directly to charity by paying the membership fee
  • Contact the Charity Coordinator or Charity Committee members and find out what type of activity would suit you the most. You can take part in our charity activities regularly announced to club members. We always need volunteers, no matter if on a regular basis or just specific events.
  • Share with us your ideas and business contacts. This might help us raising funds or finding certain products or services that can be of use to any of our charities.
  • Donate clothes, furniture, household utensils and similar. Please contact us, if you wish to do so.

Bank Details

Money is always useful as well! You can read all about how we spend the funds donated to the club in the Charity section. Thank you!

Rigas Starptautiskais Sieviesu Klubs – Igora iela 49, Salaspils LV-2119, Latvia
IWCR’s REG. number 40008020471
IBAN (International Bank Account)
Number: LV92UNLA0001001700980

Bank details:
Bank “SEB”
T/C Galleria Riga, Dzirnavu Iela 67, Riga, LV 1011, Latvija
Bank routing number: 310101900

The Charity Committee

The Charity Committee meets to discuss how best to use IWCR funds to assist the needy in Latvia. The committee is responsible for finding truly needy organisations or sometimes individuals and assessing the amount and form of assistance required.

This may lead to one or more visits to facilities under consideration to access them and meet with their directors and staff. It also may include working with local authorities, embassies or other entities to determine the legal and tax status of organisations as well as whether or not they might be receiving funds from other sources.

How can one join the Charity Committee

14468724_1472922662721584_3145444104277499458_oAny IWCR member can come and join. There is no need to sign up or call, just check for the next planned meeting and come along.

If you would like to work directly with the Charity Committee, please contact us at

Charity Committee for 2016/ 2017

Vera Boissin (Coordinator), Eva Seseman (Deputy), Elina Apine, Julia Piesnia



Activities in 2017: AGM Presenation

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