Chain of Booklovers: Saturday, 18th of January

January 17, 2014By

This event will serve as one of the main European Capital of Culture year opening events.

By handing the books from one person to the next, everyone will take part in the journey of books from the old library building to the new one. This path of books will cross the river Daugava, symbolizing the fundamental values which have for many generations developed the core of our culture, and which are immortalized in books.

Holding hands for a common purpose in the 1989 Baltic road brought us independence. A common chain of booklovers will be a historic campaign that will acknowledge to the whole world our cultural values, preserving them and passing on.


Remark that the stone bridge over Daugava will be closed for this event!

The inauguration of Riga as the European Capital of the year will take place from 16 January till 19 January. Read more about the program here.


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