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While most people look forward to the summer, the long days and warm weather. But summer is always bitter sweet as so many people are packing their bags for good and heading off on new adventures.

I think we can all agree that packing is the worst! And what is worse than packing? Finding homes for all the items that for one reason or another you can’t take with you.

But the IWCR can help.

We have an amazing discussion thread (note; you will need to sign into MemberPlanet to access this discussion) where you can post items that need a new home. If you are moving and want to sell some of your household wares, children’s clothes, or appliances, why not post them on the discussion thread … and for those of you who are in need of a new blender, a great deal on a kids bike, or additional storage; look no further than the discussion thread!

A few other tips on selling your stuff (or buying things if you need something for your home here in Latvia):

  • Andelemandele is a site many people in Latvia use and is available in English, just log-in easily with your Facebook account. Placing an ad is cheap and the app notifies you when you have a message from a potential buyer. A great place to sell some of your bigger items.
  • Create your own google-site and send out a link to everyone you know!
  • Hold an open house, just make sure to lock up your valuables and hide items you do not want to sell
  • Think about the season and what you are selling – bikes are easy to sell in the spring and summer, but not the middle of winter!

And if you have books – think about donating them to Robert’s Books, a cozy second hand books shop on Dzirnavu iela.

Still can’t sell something? Connect with our Charity coordinators ( and ask about donating it!

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Tabatha is a third-culture-kid and moved to Riga from Canada in the summer of 2017. She has loved every minute she has been here (including winters and trying to figure out how to speak Latvian!). She loves sharing her finds around Riga and learning from other people’s experiences.

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