What people say about the International Woman's Club Riga

Maite from Germany

When I came to Latvia in spring 2012, my husband was busy working and our daughter was 6 months old. I was pretty afraid of being a house wife in a foreign, post-Soviet country. One week later, I was already an IWCR member and made wonderful contacts to inspiring women of all ages. Every day, there are more than enough activities such as a baby and toddler group, conversation groups in several languages and sports. I learned many things and met new friends from all over the world. Of course, expats come and go, but through IWCR, it was also easier to meet locals. It is a good advise to learn at least basic Latvian.  my kids are bilingual by now. I know it won’t be easy to return home next year.

Note from Norway

Testimonial about IWCR from Norway

“Hello everybody,
I want to say goodbye to all my friends in the IWCR. I’m back to my normal life in Norway but I do so miss all my good friends in Riga. The members of IWCR made life in Riga easier. If you had a problem, there were always someone you could ask.”

Drude Høidal Ruderaas

From Colorado – with love!

What people say about IWCR - Testimonial from Colorado, USA

“I am carrying around a huge hole in my heart. The hole is a reminder of all of those wonderful ladies that I met through my membership in IWCR. As I was told our assignment would be around six months, I hesitated about joining because I thought I didn’t want to get involved and then have to drop out. My goodness, I should have joined the day after overcoming my jet-lag. As I age (?) it seems more difficult for me to make friends. Will I fit in? Our apartment is so small and not well equipped for entertaining – how will I manage? The language barriers….one would have thought that I had never traveled before. Never entered my mind that we were women on the same ship – all new arrivals to Riga (except for those lovely Latvian ladies who are granted membership & are so helpful) – all facing the same challenges for the most part – all wanting to feel loved and needed. The club offers so many avenues to broaden your horizons whether through learning a new craft, touring, or by just relaxing in one of Riga’s many cafes and discussing the latest worldly event. Just sharing a personal one on one moment with a newly acquired friend and be uplifting when settling in. And, let’s not forget the many charitable avenues the club is involved in. IWCR allows members to not only receive but give as well. There is something for everyone and an opportunity not to be missed.

Serving on the Board of Directors for the Pueblo Zoo and helping to keep the community flower gardens free of weeds through my membership with the Wednesday Weeders is keeping me involved with our community. I need to find a “bridge” group before I forget everything Gale taught during our Friday morning bridge lessons. And, I won’t forget about our craft sessions and plan on picking up the knitting needles as soon as the cooler temperatures find their way to our part of the country. It is still to hot to think about winter clothing. Eva, wish you were here to help me fashion the wool that I bought in Riga into something beautiful.

Ed and I have ridden our motorcycles around Colorado and made a wonderful trip to Red Lodge, Montana. However, most of our time has been spent working in the garden and small remodeling projects in the home.

Wishing you all love and happiness and please know that I miss you dearly.

As ever,
Diana L. Johnson

Joy and Inspiration

What people say about the International Woman's Club Riga - Testimonial from Washington D.C., USA

“Although my stay in Riga this year was sadly abbreviated, the 2 months I spent with the beautiful and gifted women of the IWCR gave me so much joy and inspiration that I will savor for the years to come.

I was thrilled from day one to be able to spend so many endearing and productive days with the Ladies of the Club. While my heart is full of peaceful memories and the renewed desire to stitch, darn or embroider, I’ve also been gifted with artisan techniques I had not previously experienced.

I left Riga with a new found freedom to experience another art I had lost – the ability to slow down and appreciate the fine technique that has gone into the making of a button, a trim, a shoe or square of fabric. …..remembering the lovely, gossamer days of tranquility and sisterhood I was gifted within the IWCR and its mission of charity and blessing. I will miss each of you dearly.

Sidonie Sedon
Washington DC