IWCR Board

Meet the Executive and Advisory Board of the International Woman's Club Riga

The core of the International Woman’s Club Riga are volunteer helpers – people who offer to help others based on their knowledge and experience. Together, we explore the culture and life in Latvia, support new people to settle well in Latvia and support local charities.

The Board stands for the interests of the IWCR

In order to aim our goals, we elect every year the IWCR Board. It consists of the Executive Board and the Advisory Board. 

The Executive Board is elected with five members at the Annual General Meeting in March by the members of the club. The candidates are volunteers of the club. 

The Advisors can be members of the club who either run an activity group or take responsibility for a key position (e.g. Social Tours, Membership, Communications), or are member who like to participate, with advisory rights, in the activities of the club.

Every members of the IWCR can stand for election for a period of one year. Before the election every member can send a written confirmation showing the persons intention to run for the vote, or could nominate a member of its choice.

The Executive Board takes the executive decisions in the club. The Executive Board appoints the members of the Advisory Board.

The Board of IWCR meets monthly to plan activities, discuss club relevant needs, brainstorm new ideas, receives updates from the charity committee and membership coordinator. The Board makes sure about the club administration like contracts, finances. Apart from the regular tasks, the Board organises the annual bazaar, starting in summer every year.

Executive Board

The board of the International Woman’s Club Riga consist out of five members: President, Vice ­President, Secretary, Treasurer and Operational Coordinator.


Kerstin Steinberg


The President leads the work of the IWCR Board and externally represents the Club. She attends luncheons, chairs the Annual General Meeting and Special Meetings of the club, and Meet and Greet coffees. She chairs the Board meetings. She reports on Board activities to the membership as required. Contact information:

Vice President

Olga Druzhinina


The Vice President is the President’s deputy in all her duties. She is responsible for organizing the Meet and Greet coffee Mornings every first Wednesday of the month and coordinates the Embassies participation in the Christmas Bazaar.
Contact information:


Ilze Inapsa


The Secretary is in charge of the correspondence of the club. She prepares the agenda for the Board meetings and takes the minutes during official meetings of the club. She maintains all non-financial records for the Board. She also maintains the information about who is responsible for the different activity groups. Contact information:


Laura Kostomārova


The Treasurer maintains financial records for the club, manages the bank account and payments, ensuring that all receipts are processed and paid properly and that the end of year financial report is properly completed by the IWCR’s accountant.
Contact information: .

Membership Coordinator

Sophie Griffiths

The Membership Coordinator attends Meet and Greet coffees or designates a representative to accept applications for membership at this event. The Membership Coordinator manages applications for IWCR membership and the dues paid in by each member. She reviews and presents applications to the Board for approval. She also manages the members’ badges and business cards for the Board members.

Contact information:

Executive Board Election 2020

The new Executive Board for the period 2020/2021 was elected on May 13th, 2019 at our virtual Annual General Meeting (AGM).

We voted on our newly nominated board, and all candidates were approved by the AGM.  IWCR is excited to announce our new board:  

  • Kerstin Steinberg, President (previous: Liga Kukaine)
  • Olga Druzhinina, Vice President (previous: Elena Tezhe)
  • Ilze Inapsa, Secretary (previously: Kerstin Steinberg)
  • Laura Kostomārova, Treasurer (previous: Zakia Siddiqui)
  • Sophie Griffiths, Membership Coordinator (previously: Eva Sesseman, Charity Coordinator)

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board supports the Executive Board with the various responsibilities from Membership Coordinator, Public Relations, Communications, Social Activity Coordinator, Tour. Coordinator to Administrative works like Website Maintenance and so on.

Tours and Social Activities Coordinator

Board International Womans Club Riga, Tours and Social Activities Coordinator Vija Pugule
Vija Pugule

The Activities Coordinator organises and advertises tours, trips and other activities for the IWCR membership, depending on the calendar and members wishes.
Contact information:

Charity Coordinator

Kristine Dalia

The Charity Coordinator is in charge of the Club’s charity activities. With the assistance of members of the Charity committee, she evaluates requests for assistance from local charities and prepares the annual charity budget for the Executive Board’s approval. She purchases items authorised by the Board and arranges for their delivery; and she maintains all records of interactions with supported charities. She reports on charitable activities to the membership. Contact information:

Website Coordinator

Board International Womans Club Riga, Website Coordinator Kerstin Steinberg
Kerstin Steinberg

The Web Coordinator is responsible for maintaining the IWCR website, updating information as requested by the Board and making suggestions for improving the organisation/content of the website.
Contact information: